The Active Roster of Immortals is a database-registry maintained by The Watcher organization, referenced in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM and DVD supplements.

Known Information Edit

The Active Roster of Immortals is kept up-to-date by the Watcher organization for the purposes of tracking various Immortals who are currently active in The Game, consciously interacting with other Immortals and taking heads and Quickenings.

An Immortal can be removed from the Active Roster even when still alive due to various reasons, such as going into seclusion or disappearing from Watcher reports altogether.

Known instances of Immortals being added and removed from the Active Roster include:

  • Duncan MacLeod joining the Lakota Sioux tribe in 1868, being removed from the Watchers' Active Roster until February 1882, upon returning from his Holy Ground island exile in Washington State.
  • John Durgan, removed in 1874 after evading a lynching in Fort Lyon, Colorado, and vanishing for over a decade. He would finally turn up in 1887 as "James Dunstan," studying French and philosophy in New Orleans.
  • Ernst Daimler being stricken from the roster in 1943, due to being imprisoned alive beneath the Seine River in Paris, France during World War II. He would briefly be "reactivated" in 1988 until 1995, after being rescued.
  • Richie Ryan, stricken from the roster after his encounter with a Dark Quickening-infected Duncan MacLeod from February until July of 1996.
  • Methos, added to the Active Roster, following the Jacob Galati crisis in 1996, after the Watcher organization finally pieced together his true identity. He is then removed from it for approximately a year starting in 1997, after once again disappearing from Watcher surveillance for a time.

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