Akira Yoshida
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode The Samurai
Name Akira Yoshida
Died 1994, killed by Michael Kent
Nationality Japanese
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Hiro Kanagawa

Midori Koto's lover. She had been having an affair with him long enough for her husband, Michael Kent to tumble to it.

When Michael called Midori to tell her he would be returning to their hotel to collect a briefcase he'd left in the closet, it was because he knew the lovers were together, and Akira would undoubtedly run before Micheal got there.

In reality Michael was waiting in the parking garage, and had his two men intercept Akira upon his departure from Midori's room and bring him down there. Midori followed them and watched her husband murder Akira, beheading him with an antique katana.

She later stabbed Michael and fled, seeking Duncan MacLeod's help.

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