Alan Wells
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode The Innocent
Name Alan Wells
Aliases Alan Webster, Alan Welby
Born 1919 In Portland, Oregon
First Death 1940 Shot in the line of duty while working as a police officer
Teachers Gloria Palkovic
Origin American
Watchers Roberta Norton
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Tyler King 1995
Occupation Proprietor, Greenville Scrap
Portrayed by  Philip Maurice Hayes (credited as Phil Hayes)
Alan Wells was an Immortal and protector of Mikey Bellows, a mentally challenged Immortal.

Alan Wells was born in 1919 in Portland, Oregon. He grew up there and as he reached adulthood, he became a police officer. In 1940, he was fatally shot in the line of duty, and awoke Immortal. He met Immortal, Gloria Palkovic, who became his teacher, she taught Alan everything about being an Immortal.

In 1995, Wells was living in a small town in Greenville, Washington, the owner and operator of an auto grave yard. He was married to a mortal woman, Helen, and was also the protector of a mentally challenged Immortal, Mikey Bellows.


Alan Wells, his wife, Helen, and Mikey

He and Mikey sensed the presence of another Immortal, one day, a headhunter, Tyler King. In order to protect them,  Alan told Helen to get Mikey into an old bus in order to hide, telling them to be silent so that King couldn't hear them, he didn't want Mikey to see the challenge.

Unfortunately, the good hearted Alan, was not a match for King. Mikey and Helen watched as King beheaded Alan. Helen screamed, and when the frightened Mikey tried to quiet her, he accidentally killed her.

While King absorbed Alan's Quickening, Mikey ran away.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Philip Maurice Hayes also played the role of Marco, a henchman of the Immortal Alexei Voshin in the Season One episode of Highlander: The Series entitled The Sea Witch.


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