Alec Hill
Alec Hill
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 5 episode "Haunted"
Name Alec Hill
Born 1729, Philadelphia, PA
First Death 1758, Assault on Ft. Ticoderoga, French & Indian War
Teachers Gregor Powers
Origin American
Watchers Tamara Dyer
Status Deceased, 1996, beheaded by Richie Ryan
Occupation Independent means
Portrayed by  Kevin Conway

Alec was born in 1729 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up to become a soldier and fought many battles. In 1758, Alec died during the assault on Ft. Ticonderoga during the French & Indian Wars and revived as an Immortal. He was found by the Immortal medic, Gregor Powers who became his teacher. He later met and befriended Duncan MacLeod in Mississippi.

Image 189

MacLeod and Alec Hill, 1886

In 1886, Duncan and Alec were working on a house which Alec was building for himself and his new bride, Genevieve. Unfortunately for the happy couple, Immortal, Gerard Kragen, had tracked Genvieve and murdered her in a jealous rage, hurling himself and Alec's bride off a nearby cliff side. Shattered at the loss of his "perfect woman," Alec eventually finished building the house and "never lived anywhere else." He lived alone with his wife's personal items, and began a relentless hunt to find Kragen and take his head, forcing Duncan to swear to take Kragen's head should Alec be killed before he could.

In a later meeting with Duncan, he admitted to his old friend that he was convinced Genevieve's spirit was with him, and waiting to reunite. He also admitted to Duncan that he had stopped eating and sleeping. Duncan, very concerned for his friend's mental health, attempted to draw Alec back out into social life, trying to tell him that Amanda was in town and wanting to see him, but Alec refused. He intended to wait "as long as it takes" to be reunited with his lost love. Duncan tried to remind him it wasn't his fault, but Alec refused to release his guilt, claiming it was his pride that drove Kragen off the cliff. Defeated, Duncan left Alec to his grief and despair.


A3 Highlander 5 8

Alec Hill and Richie Ryan fight

In the 20th century, Alec had become an architect, and had also recovered himself enough to take a new wife, a mortal woman named Jennifer whom he had told about his Immortality and Genevieve. That life shattered, however, in July 1996, when Alec received news of Kragen's whereabouts as a movie producer and director at the nearby Anchor Studios. His old blood lust resurfacing, Alec picked up his sword and rushed to take Kragen's head. Alec never made it to the studios, however, as a young Immortal on a broken-down motorcycle blocked his way - Richie Ryan. Unfortunately for Alec, Richie was in a bad mood too, having nearly been beheaded by his own teacher, Duncan MacLeod in the grip of a Dark Quickening. When Alec demanded that Richie move his motorcycle out of the way, Richie, hot and frustrated, refused. Alec drew his sword and attacked. He proved no match for the younger Immortal, and Richie took Alec's head and Quickening.


After serving with the 5th Cavalry in 1860, Hill adopted a US Cavalry sabre as his preferred weapon.

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