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Alex Raven
Alex Raven
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 6 episode "Sins of the Father"
Aliases Alexis, Lexi Davis, Alexena Sirinakis
Born 48 AD, Cumbria, Roman Britain
First Death 75 AD, in battle against Romans
Teachers Ceirdwyn
Origin Carvetti
Watchers Kelly Quinn
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Dara Tomanovich

Alex was born in Eastern Celtic Britain in the year 60AD, she was the daughter of a warrior father and a priestess mother. She later grew up to be a fighter like her father. Alex later died in battle against the Romans and became Immortal. She was soon found by fellow Immortal Ceirdwyn who teaches her about her Immortal heritage.

In 1942 during World War 2 in Warsaw, Alex was a spy who was in love with a man named David. In modern times Alex became a mercenary and finally tracks down George Thomas and kills him. Both Alex and Duncan go to George's home and open the safe. Alex intends to blow the safe open, but Duncan opens it with a nailfile. But upon opening it, it is empty and Grant Thomas appears holding a gun at both of them and reveals that he had his grandfather killed because he wanted to give back the money before he died. Alex and Duncan are later escorted by Grant's thugs but are able to fight them. Duncan then realizes that Grant has gone to find Max Leiner. Grant takes Max hostage Duncan's car drives around the corner. Max immediately gets in the car, and Grant starts for the driver's side but is stopped as Duncan pulls up right next to the Daimler. Grant shoots at him, and then at Alex as she gets out the other side. After that, though, he turns and runs. Duncan and Alex chase him, and he takes a few shots at them, but they both take cover and he misses. Finally, though, he's out of bullets. Duncan stands up and strolls slowly towards him. Telling him that it is over Grant retreats, until he's finally reached the edge of the floor, and the sheer drop-off to the floor below. But it's too late. Grant looks back, not realizing how close he is, and loses his balance. Before they can reach him, he falls backwards to his death. Duncan and Alex look down at him, then turn and walk away. Back at the Thomas house, Duncan, Alex, and Max are gathered in the library. They search everywhere for clues as to where the money is being hidden.


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