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Methos with Alexa.

Alexa Bond
Appeared in "Highlander: The Series", in the Season 4 episode Timeless
Name Alexa Bond
Died 1995 in Greece
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation waitress at Joe Dawson's bar called Joe's
Portrayed by  Ocean Hellman
Alexa Bond was a waitress at Joe's bar in Seacouver, Washington. She met frequent patron Adam Pierson / Methos and at first resisted his advances. When he finally managed to convince her to date him Joe reluctantly told Methos that Alexa had terminal cancer.

Methos confronted her and she admitted it, he then arrived at her home and convinced her to spend the rest of what time she had traveling the world with him.

The only time Methos left her side during their time together was when Duncan MacLeod suffered a Dark Quickening, and after Alexa was put on life support in Geneva he left her to attempt to claim the Methuselah Stone in a desperate bid to save her life.

After her Death Methos buried her in Paris to keep her close.

Note: For details on Alexa's life and death with Methos see Postcards from Alexa and [[The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM|The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM



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