Alexei Voshin
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode The Sea Witch
Aliases Alexander Voshinovich
Born 1496, Belgrade, Serbia
First Death 1532, sunken ship
Teachers Zoran Jancovic
Origin Serbian
Watchers Marko Vesna
Status Deceased, 1992
Occupation Mercenary
Portrayed by  Stephen Macht
First died in 1532, when he went down with a ship. Since then, ironically, Voshin made a living on ships, and seemed to care about them to a degree. Otherwise he was just profit driven with no moral considerations. He had a scar beside his right eye, that Voshin must have received before his first death.

In 1938, he held a ship in Leningrad. There he met MacLeod, who had once given him mercy after beating him in a duel. He called in Voshin's debt now that he wanted to save some people from Stalin's terror regime. Alexei agreed that he would smuggle the people out of the country with his ship, Morska Vjes'Tica (Serbian for Sea Witch). But secretly he told the KGB about MacLeod, and the refugees were arrested to face either execution or the gulag. MacLeod knew Voshin had informed to the KGB, and he escaped by jumping into the harbor, and was presumed dead.

In 1938 Voshin was observed by the KGB-based watcher Yuri Grinkov.

In 1992, Voshin operated with his ship, Sea Witch II, as a drug trafficker between Siberia and the United States, the ship was registered in Panama. At the beginning of December, Sea Witch II was docked a in the port of Seacouver. A young woman, Nikki Simmons, robbed Voshin of $50,000 and a package of drugs. When Voshin's men came to get her, she was saved by Richie and MacLeod. Eventually, MacLeod met Voshin to fight on the ship.

Voshin taunted MacLeod about the deaths of the refugees sixty years before, especially a woman MacLeod had cared for, and then they dueled. Voshin fought well, seeming able to hold his own against the Highlander, but then he rammed a boat hook into MacLeod's side, and fell overboard. Voshin fell into the propeller and was decapitated by it, his quickening went to MacLeod.

Voshin's sword was later thrown into the sea by Duncan.

In 1992, Voshin's watcher was the helmsman of Sea Witch II, Marko Vesna.