Allan Neyman
Highlander 2 Shield Corporation 2
Appeared in Highlander II: The Quickening
Born 1958
Status Deceased
Occupation CEO, Shield Corporation
Portrayed by  Allan Rich

Dr. Allan Neyman was a scientist who appeared in Highlander II: The Quickening, who was jointly responsible for the creation of the Shield, a protective planetary energy field.

Biography Edit

Allan Neyman was born in the year 1958, and was presumably a physicist who specialized in energy-field theory. After the planet Earth began suffering the effects of a depleted ozone layer (including massive radiation damage), Neyman was contacted by Connor MacLeod in an attempt to develop a massive, planet-wide energy field to block out the harmful effects.

In the year 1999, their effort succeeded -- the Shield was activated, and the planet was safe from further deleterious effects, but one of the side-effects was a lack of sun, sky, and stars at night for the people of Earth. The Shield Corporation was formed to administer the day-to-day maintenance of the energy barrier, with Dr. Neyman installed as CEO, but the board of directors gradually usurped more and more control over the company, and Neyman was soon relegated to a mere figurehead role, isolated and sequestered by his own former protégé, David Blake.

Highlander 2 Shield Corporation 3

Neyman and MacLeod in 2024, confronting David Blake.

Following the reemergence of Immortals on the planet in 2024, Neyman was caught in the crossfire, first attempting to provide his former partner, Connor MacLeod, with the coordinates of a breach in the Shield (to verify the self-repair of the ozone layer, a fact covered up by the company), and then imprisoned in the corporation's own private super-prison.

Although a rescue was attempted by MacLeod, Louise Marcus, and fellow Immortal Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, Dr. Neyman soon succumbed to wounds sustained in the Shield Corporation's custody, passing away not long after in the Highlander's arms, but not before successfully revealing the remainder of the coordinates.