Allan Rothwood
Highlander Allan Rothwood
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, episode "Nowhere to Run"
Name Allan Rothwood
Born September 20, 1946 London, England
Nationality English
Status Alive
Occupation Diplomat
Portrayed by  Anthony Head

Allan Rothwood was a mortal, a diplomat, and an old friend of Tessa's in Highlander: The Series.

Biography Edit

Allan Rothwood was a childhood friend of Tessa Noël, their mothers had been very old friends. A widower, Rothwood was father to a son, Mark Rothwood, and ended up raising the boy himself following the death of his wife during Mark's childhood.

Allan and his son spent most of their time overseas, Allan denied his son nothing of a material nature, but had little time for him. This had the unfortunate effect of Mark growing up, he became a spoiled and self-entitled young man, even to the point Mark committed an assault upon the adopted mortal daughter of an Immortal, Col. Everett Bellian and expected his father to smooth it over.

In May 1993, Bellian and his private mercenary force attacked the secluded French château being readied for occupation by the Rothwoods. Visiting at the time were the Immortal, Duncan MacLeod, and his companions Tessa Noël and Richie Ryan, who helped Rothwood repel the assault. During the course of the confrontation, Allan was shot, taking at least two rounds to the chest, and was badly wounded.

MacLeod eventually left the house and confronted Bellian, the two dueled. Just as the issue seemed resolved, however, Everett's daughter, Lori, appeared on the scene, followed immediately by Mark Rothwood, who attempted to shoot the colonel. Lori produced a gun of her own and shot Mark dead. Allan survived but the loss of his son devastated him.

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