Allison Landry
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Archangel
Name Allison Landry
Born May 19, 1975 London, England
Died May 18, 1997
Nationality British
Status Deceased, killed in a fire caused by Ahriman
Portrayed by  Emily Raymond

A primary school teacher at the Paris International School, she was the grand-daughter of Jason Landry, Duncan MacLeod approached her after Landry's death, asking for her help in figuring out what had really happened to her grandfather.

She explained his obsession with a coming evi,l and the need to find the champion who would fight it. She showed MacLeod her grandfather's journal which read: "The next warrior/MacLeod." She insisted that although her grandfather was obsessed, he was not crazy.

On the night of May 18th, while paging through a family album, she had visions of her grandfather, but an evil old man, rather than the man she knew. The door seemed to lock of its own accord, and the room burst into flame. Trapped, Allison died in the fire.

The next day, a concerned Richie, who had hoped to speak with her himself, accompanied by Methos and Dawson arrived in time to see her body being removed from the building. Methos provided her epitaph: "Poor, poor Allison."

Ahriman would later take Allison's form in order to taunt MacLeod.

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