Andrea Henson
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode "The Colonel"
Year Joined 1989
Immortals Observed Simon Killian
Nationality American
Status Active
Occupation Watcher
Portrayed by  Christine Upright-Letain

A watcher, she used as her cover the role of sports journalist. She had been recruited out of Notre Dame University in Indiana and completed her watcher training ranked 29th in a class of 101 in 1990.

It was she who informed Joe Dawson that his assignment, Duncan MacLeod, was not dead, merely confined by her her assignment, Killian"He's not dead. They shot him, but Killian didn't take his head. He's locked him in one of those cells at the abandoned air force base...You didn't know?"

After Killian's death, she was transferred to London where she worked as a sports reporter for The Daily Mail and Watched the Immortal star forward for Arsenal, Howard Lassiter.

Her career, as with many watchers, began as an historian from 1990 to 1991, after which she was given the following field assignments:

Ellen Wilson 1991 - 1992

Simon Killian - 1992 - 1995

Howard Lassiter 1995 - present

Her skill set includes investigation, journalism and interview as well as the languages of English, French, and basic German.


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