Andrew Baines
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Avatar
Name Andrew Baines
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Danny Dyer

Sophie Baines' brother. Ahriman told her she was allowed to live because it wanted her to kill MacLeod and threatened her brother. She begged her brother to be left alone, and it told her she must kill MacLeod, The Champion that could defeat it.

She met MacLeod, and told him that she'd been told to kill him. She realized that MacLeod was the Champion, and asked for his help, that she wanted to live. MacLeod asked her how to deafeat it, and she said she didn't know, "Every champion has to find his own way."

Unfortunately at that point, Andrew shot MacLeod dead, and with a sword in his hand told his sister that he'd been promised that with MacLeod dead, Sophie would live. Sophie said that he could not kill MacLeod for her, but he replied that he had to. When he raised the sword, she climbed to the rail of the bridge, and again threw herself into the Seine, this time to save Andrew, and thwart Ahriman.

He asked, "Why?" To which MacLeod responded, "Because she loved you."

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