Andrew Ballin
Highlander the Series - Eyewitness 32
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Eyewitness
Name Andrew Ballin
Aliases Andrew Holt
Born 1911 Brooklyn, New York
First Death 1944 In battle in Italy
Teachers Gianni Fabiano
Pupils Unknown
Origin American
Watchers Mark Peterman
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1993
Occupation Chief of Detectives, Seacouver PD
Portrayed by  Tom Butler
Andrew Ballin was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1911. He fought in World War II, and died in 1944 while fighting in Italy in an accident while laying anti-personnel mines. He revived as an Immortal, meeting his teacher, Gianni Fabiano, who taught him about being an Immortal. In the 1950s Ballin lived in New York, working as a police officer under the alias of Andrew Holt. As a police officer he could keep his challenges outside suspicion as well as keep tabs on other such deaths, that is, other Immortals.

In the 1960s and 1970s Ballin met and lived with an artist, Anne Wheeler. They moved in the fine society of New York and Paris, but when Anne aged, Ballin left her to look for younger women. He did not realize how much Anne loved him, and how determined she was not to let him go.

Ballin was watched from 1985 to 1992 by Eugene Carter, who was a police officer. During this time, Ballin became Chief of Detectives in Seacouver.

Andrew Ballin is the chief of detectives in Seacouver

In January 1993, Anne Wheeler sought him out. She wanted him back and threatened to reveal his Immortality to the world. Ballin and Anne got into an argument on a bridge where he killed her and threw her body into the water. This was witnessed by Tessa Noël, who had met Anne moments before. She was looking out a window during Ballin and Wheeler's argument, but was called by a colleague and when she looked again, Anne had disappeared. Even though she wasn't sure that Anne had really fallen off the bridge, she went to the police to tell what she had seen, not knowing the killer was the Chief of Detectives.
Highlander the Series - Eyewitness 10

Andrew Ballin murders Anne Wheeler

Ballin tried to dismiss the case, however, Anne's body washed up on shore and Tessa was brought in as a key witness by the Detective in charge of the investigation, Sgt. Ray Bennett. Ballin decided to pay her a visit, but ended up meeting her boyfriend, Duncan MacLeod. Duncan tried to attack Ballin, but he got away. Later, Ballin tried to kill Tessa by shooting her with a high-powered rifle. The police put her in protective custody, taking her to a safe house. Duncan followed Tessa and the police and sensed the presence of another Immortal: Ballin.

Duncan found a bomb outside the house and got everyone outside before the safe house exploded.
Andrebefore challenging him.w explains to Duncan why he killed

Andrew before facing off with Duncan

Duncan then called Ballin and told him to meet him. Duncan and Ballin faced off and Duncan defeated Ballin, taking his head and receiving his Quickening.

Ballin was soon exposed as the murderer of Anne Wheeler as fibres from his overcoat under her fingernails proved that he's the killer. His murderer, according to the police, was never found.