Andrew Caspis
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, mentioned in the Season Five episode "Revelation 6:8"
Aliases Andswaru, Ander Caspirano, Cassipelaunus
Status Alive

Andrew Caspis is listed in the Watcher Chronicles without a date for a first death.

The watchers know almost nothing about his background or his early life. In 1996, Caspis was an anthropologist who lived in the jungles of Sumatra and studied the resident indigenous tribes. His accumulated knowledge could contribute much to understanding the human past. He also identified numerous herbs and medicines used among indigenous shamans which promise great advances in treating arthritis and heart disease.

Caspis, however, had no desire to leave the jungle long enough to write down his findings and present them to the world.
Andrew Kaspis
His watcher claims frustration that his subject holds the answers to human illness, but he has all the time in the world and seems in no hurry to implement his findings.

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