Angela Constantine
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Pharaoh's Daughter
Name Angela Constantine
Died 1993 in Paris, France
Nationality French
Status Deceased, killed by Nefertiri
Portrayed by  Diane Bellego

The mortal wife of the Immortal, Marcus Constantine.


Angela & Marcus Constantine

She agreed to host a dinner party for her husband's old flame, Nefertiri and Duncan MacLeod. She admitted to her guest, when they were alone, that she was nervous about meeting her, knowing she and her husband had once been close, that she had been a little jealous upon first seeing her.

Nefertiri replied, "Whatever for? The way he looks at you, I can tell you mean the world to him." Nefertiri then coldbloodedly stabbed Angela to death, and left her on the kitchen floor. She then callously dropped the bloody knife in front Constantine, smug in the murder of his wife.    


Actress, Diane Bellego, who portrayed Angela Constantine also appeared as Elena Moreno in in the season six episode of Highlander: The Series, Justice


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