Anna Hidalgo
Appeared in Highlander: The Series,Season 5 Duende
Name Anna Hidalgo
Born October 8, 1947 in Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Status Alive
Occupation Former flamenco dancer
Portrayed by  Carmen Du Sautoy

In 1971, Anna was one of the leading Flamenco dancers of her generation and was part of the troupe run by Otavio Consone. She and the leader of the troupe, Rafael, were partners in dance and were planning on marrying until Consone announced his engagement to her, much to the surprise of everyone else in the room. Anna said she was already engaged, " Rafael, and I am carrying his child." Consone, furious, struck her, called her a whore, and than he stabbed Rafael to death. Consone told Anna his vengeance was only just beginning. Within a few years, Anna, was struck by a hit and run driver, leaving her permanently crippled.

Twenty-five years later, her daughter, Luisa, had grown up, and was keeping secrets from her mother. She discussed it with old friend, Duncan MacLeod, telling him that she was worried about Luisa's new admirer, as she had not seen him and Luisa would not tell her his name. When the limo that had spirited her daughter away the night before appeared outside MacLeod's barge, Anna was appalled to see the man who had killed Rafael all those years ago. She watched Luisa get out of the limousine, and seeing her with Consone was almost too much for Anna.

Within days, Luisa married Consone. He taunted Anna, for not only was he her now son-in-law, but it was he who drove the car that crippled her a decade before. He also suggested that his final revenge would be that he would shortly be a widower, Luisa can no more escape him than Theresa, a previous wife, could a century previously. He admitted to MacLeod that he murdered Theresa when he could no longer stand the fact that she  loved the Highlander, and he had found that intolerable.

Luisa heard his confession of murder, and ran out of the house. Consone was mildly annoyed, but assumed he could still complete his revenge. MacLeod then challenged and defeated Consone.

When he went to Anna and Luisa later, he informed Luisa she was a widow. Anna said they would not ask any more, and gratefully kissed MacLeod's hand.

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