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Anne Lindsey
Appeared in Highlander: The Series; see List of appearances
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Trauma Surgeon
Portrayed by  Lisa Howard

A mortal woman and trauma surgeon, she was the first steady girlfriend Duncan MacLeod allowed himself to become involved with after Tessa Noël's death.

He avoided telling what he was for a very long time, telling Richie he did not want to go through another Tessa.  She was targeted by Kalas in his campaign to destroy those MacLeod cared about before killing him.  Orders supposedly signed by her that had led to the deaths of patients, however, were proved forgeries by MacLeod who realized what was happening. 

Kalas lured her to his theater during his ambush for MacLeod.  She arrived during their battle, and witnessed Duncan's fall from the lighting booth, and his death on the auditorium seats below. Richie hustled her out of the building before MacLeod recovered, however, and Mac then retreated to Paris, leaving her believing him dead.

Eventually, MacLeod decided he cared enough about her to tell her the truth, and with Joe Dawson's help, let her know he was alive and got her to Paris. During the time she had been grieving his death, however, she had become pregnant by a friend who comforted her loss in Seacouver. MacLeod, with trepidation, decided he could raise her child as his own.

During the events of Mortal Sins, she decided to leave Duncan because she had wanted him to kill, but she could not let that kind of thinking overwhelm her, "I'm a doctor, I save lives, I don't take them, I can't start wanting to take them."   Heartbroken, they go their separate ways.

In Reunion, Anne is working when Kenny runs in with a wounded arm and calling for help. While she treats his wound, she finds that it has healed and discovers that he's an immortal. She calls Duncan and he takes Kenny from the hospital. Later, Anne goes to see how Kenny is doing and meets Amanda and two bond over Anne's pregnancy. They become friends and go out together..

Anne and Amanda, to Duncan's discomfort

Months later, in Seacouver, she was nearing the end of her pregnancy when she responded to a bombing in a subway.  MacLeod and Richie also respond looking for her.  They managed to get in, but MacLeod then sent Richie back to the surface with an injured kid, while he went in search of Anne.  When he eventually tracked her down she was trapped with another woman, Karen, and in labor. With MacLeod's support and Karen's help,  she gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Mary, after MacLeod's mother.

Duncan made a gift of the house he had been renovating to Anne and her daughter.


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