Anton Legris
Anton Legris 001
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 2 episode "Unholy Alliance"
Name Anton Legris
Aliases Alexander LeBeau, Andre Levon
Born 1875 Deauville, France
First Death 1914 WWI, Battle of the Marne
Teachers Jean Sebastian
Origin French
Watchers Margarette Felice
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Xavier St. Cloud 1994
Occupation Florist
Portrayed by  Philippe Agael

Anton Legris suffered his first death in September 1914, during the Battle of the Marne, when he defended his country against the German invaders. He revived as an Immortal, and would die many deaths before the war was over.

After the War he turned away from violence, and lived in an small house in the country. Eventually, Anton met the mortal woman, Catherine. They married and opened a flower shop in Paris. Anton and Catherine became good friends of Duncan MacLeod and Tessa. He lived an peaceful life, but knew that it would have to end someday.

Anton and his mortal wife Catherine

In 1994, while working at the shop, he felt the presence of an Immortal. Behind the store, he met Xavier St. Cloud. Anton was ready to fight a duel with him, but Xavier had other plans. Suddenly, two mortal killers shot down, and while he was wounded, Xavier beheaded him.

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