Appeared in Highlander: The Animated Series
Name Arak
Teachers Kortan
Origin Scotland
Occupation Leader of Kotan's Army

Arak is the leader of Kortan's army. His left eye and hand are cybernetic. There is no number on his uniform. He was the leader of the Dundees's raid during which Quentin's mother was killed, he also killed the young boy and thus triggered his immortality.

He is extremely loyal to Kortan and supports his hunters like a father. Man of action, he's often on the front line and is Quentin's most frequent opponent among Kortan's forces.

Arak is frequently accompanied by Mer.

He's always in competition with Asklepios Leader of the Bureaucrats, #76.

Past (spoiler)Edit

He's from an old prison. His tribe are the descendants of the old prisoners. Kortan picks his best hunters at this place. Arak's former prisoner number was RY 407.


Arak's cybernetic eye (zoom included)

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