Paul Furio and Arman Volkov

Dr. Arman Volkor worked for the Russian government, with the assistance of the Kurgan, he created the Temnotiye super soldiers modeled on immortal physiology.

After the Kurgan revealed his plan to use the Temnotiye as his personal army to annihilate immortals and win the Prize, Volkov defected and joined Connor MacLeod, Paul Furio, and Tasya Desny against the Kurgan. The group managed to survive a violent confrontation with the Temnotiye and the Kurgan, though the Kurgan slaughtered Volkor's wife and daughter as punishment for his betrayal.

After the resurgence of the Temnotiye in the mid 1980s Volkov was killed in a plane crash in Siberia while traveling with Connor's group to once again confront the Temnotiye.

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