Recruited by the Watchers upon his retirement from the French Air Force, he graduated the Watcher Academy class of 1992; ranking 35 from a class of 79. Under the cover of chauffeur for the International Asset Corp, he served as the personal driver for the Regional Coordinator. He had served 20 years in the military, trained in special forces, held a marksmanship medal, and had trained as a helicopter pilot.

In March of 1996, he drove Watchers Nathan Stern, Daniel Geiger, and Adam Pierson, who had been revealed to be an Immortal, to a rendezvous at a bridge to meet covertly with the Immortal who had stolen the Methuselah Stone from Watcher headquarters. Pierson would be traded for the Stone, and Vizcarrondo was sent across the bridge to confirm that the Immortal, Amanda, had the genuine article.

Upon confirmation, Geiger immediately murdered Stern, and his hired man shot and killed Vizcarrondo. Geiger and his men were then killed by Amanda and Duncan MacLeod, leaving no one behind who knew Pierson's secret, or to explain the deaths of Stern, Vizcarrondo, Geiger, and the three unknown men to the authorities.