Appeared in The Pain Eater
Name Ashka
Teachers Unknown
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased, c. 1997 - Beheaded by Caspian, Romania

Ashka was an female Immortal who appeared in the Highlander audio series episode The Pain Eater.

Biography Edit

After gaining her Immortality, Ashka was 400 years old when she suddenly lost everything she had ever lived for. She didn't want to continue living any longer, and traveled to fellow Immortal Dilijan's compound for help.

Dilijan shaved her head, clothed her in yellow robes, and placed her on his "trepidation frame" to begin reprogramming her. Dilijan started with the procedure, and drained Ashka's Quickening. All of her memories and her personality were taken from her, turning her into an empty vessel. Thus, Dilijan created a totally new persona for her. He repeated this process several times, each time Ashka being unable to remember any details from her former life.

When Caspian was brought to an asylum in the late 1990s, Dilijan became interested. He sent Ashka, then known as "Elena," to interview him. To her surprise, Caspian seemed very calm, and told her his story. He, however, only did this so he could free himself from his bonds.

Caspian broke loose and recognized Ashka, who didn't even knew that she was a fellow Immortal. Caspian mocked her about her true nature, then he killed her and took her Quickening.

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