Appeared in Highlander: The Series, Season 3 episode "Finale: Part I"
Name Auberon
Aliases Ulric Vilmos, Bob Parnel
Born A.D. 550 Teutoburg Forest
First Death 585 Fell from tree
Teachers Odolff
Origin Germanic
Watchers Annie Raphaella
Status Deceased, 1995 - Beheaded by Antonius Kalas
Occupation Computer technical support

Auberon was born in the year A.D. 550, and lived in the Teutoburg Forest in Lower Saxony. His First Death occurred when he was 35 years old, and he fell from a tree. He was found by the Immortal, Odolff, who became his mentor. Auberon lived the standard life of an Immortal, changing his name, and fighting other Immortals when he needed to.

By the year 1986, he was known as Bob Parnel. He worked for Handlink Software in Paris, France, in the area of computer technical support. Auberon had many mortal friends, and hadn't used his sword for years. In 1995, he was on the way to the birthday party of a friend, when he felt the presence of another Immortal.

Kalas, who had just broken out of jail with his psychotic cell mate, Nino, was searching for a sword.

When he saw Auberon, Kalas ordered Nino to run him down with the car. Kalas then took Auberon's broadsword. He condescendingly told the dying man that he wouldn't need it anymore, and ignoring Auberon's request for a fair duel, Kalas took his head.


According to his Watcher, she hadn't seen Auberon pick up a sword since she was assigned to watch him.  It is reasonable to assume that she is also employed by Handlink Software, since she said she kept forgetting that the guy in the next cubicle was Immortal. He enjoyed the quiet life, playing penny-ante poker, watching American horror movies, and eating chocolate.


His weapon of choice was a hand-and-a-half bastard sword.  Eventually, Auberon got the last laugh, when Duncan MacLeod broke Auberon's sword in two in his final battle against Kalas, leaving him weaponless.