Avery Hoskins
Appeared in Bless the Child
Status Alive
Occupation Mine Owner
Portrayed by  Ed Lauter

A mortal, and a wealthy land and gold mine owner, Avery Hoskins first appeared in desperate pursuit of Sara Lightfoot, who had kidnapped his infant son, Jamie, to replace her deceased infant daughter, Aimsha, a child who died due to the mercury poisoning from Hoskins' mines. She had apparently been living with Avery and Jamie since the death of Jamie's mother in childbirth, but the night Avery's brothers, Luke and Billy, argued about Billy's dangerous management of the mine, she took the boy and ran.

When Hoskins was confronted by MacLeod, in the other man's efforts to help Sara, Avery assumed that he was there to deliver Sara's ransom demand for Jamie, and had his men fire on him.  Eventually, MacLeod realized that Sara was at fault, and the baby was not hers. Her child had died as a result of toxic run off from Avery's mine - something the man knew nothing about, having left the concern in Billy's hands as he tried to raise an infant on his own.

MacLeod confronted Avery in his camp that night, and was told Billy swore that Mac had killed Avery's brother during the search.  MacLeod denied any knowledge of the death, that he had no reason to lie.  The two men spoke, and Avery asked if the whole episode was about money and the mine.  MacLeod said for Sara it was about her baby.  That like Avery, himself, Sara grieved, and it had made her act impulsively.  MacLeod led Avery and his men to where Charlie, Sara, and the baby were camped, only to find Billy there, threatening Sara with a rifle, and demanding that she tell him what she told her friends about the mine run off in the creek - the tainted water that presumably was the death of her child.  Avery waited for a clear shot and took Billy down, the man from the rock face.

After the return of his son, Avery informed MacLeod that they were shutting down the mine and that he would not be pressing charges against Sara, "A year ago, I had a wife, two brothers. It just don't figure, none of it....There's been enough grief around here already."  The two men separated on good terms.