Barbara Madison
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Deadly Medicine
Name Barbara Madison
Died 1992, murdered by Paul Wilder
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation ER Nurse
Portrayed by  Beverley Hendry

Barbara Madison, was an ER nurse on duty the night Duncan MacLeod was admitted with near fatal injuries sustained in a hit and run. When The ER physician, Paul Wilder, determined that MacLeod had checked out, she responded the he had been dying and they had to find him. Wilder pulled her aside and suggested that they might have more than a professional relationship, she said that she had hoped so, and he asked her to keep MacLeod's disappearance to herself, that he would do the follow-up.

She later confronted Randi McFarland, who had heard MacLeod had been admitted. Barbara told her to turn off her cameras, that MacLeod had not been seriously injured and had been discharged. The following day, she also witnessed Wilder tell Tessa that MacLeod had checked himself out of the hospital, and then told the same story to McFarland, but the man was missing.

When Wilder stood her up, she called, upset, and asked if the reason he didn't show was MacLeod, that he wasn't the first of his patients to disappear. He agreed to meet her to explain. At the pier near the restaurant she had been at, they met, and he demanded she forget MacLeod and never mention him again. She wanted to know what he had been doing, and said that records had disappeared on two other patients as well. Wilder said he was sorry, but that Barbara would not tell anyone anything, "Because you'll be dead." He then pulled out a scalpel and stabbed her to death.

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