Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Two of Hearts
Aliases Fr. Rodrigo Bartolomeo, Bartolomeu Diaz Dr. Raymond Barth
Born AD 732 Wessex, England
First Death AD 779 Hanged for embezzling the king's taxes
Teachers Bertric
Pupils Kobina Adebe
Origin English
Watchers Murrell Potter
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Katherine 1998
Occupation CEO of Mission for Children
Royal Tax collector
Royal Minister
Portrayed by  Jack Ellis
Bartholomew was born in 732 in Wessex, England. He grew up with a religious background, but was the type of person who would line his own pockets over people's misfortunes. He was the king's tax collector, in 777 - based on the date, the King was Cynewulf of Wessex. Bartholomew embezzled from the king's taxes and was hanged for it. He became Immortal and learned all about it upon meeting his teacher, Bertric. Years later, he made himself rich by means of skimming taxes as the King's minister and tax collector.

In 1270

In a village that was just getting by, he was having the villagers pay an excessive tithe. A villager named Katherine, who was also Immortal, claimed that Bartholomew was excessively taxing the villagers just to line his pockets. Bartholomew claimed it was God's will that the villagers be taxed. Bartholomew told the villagers that if they fought with him in the Crusades, they would have their sins cleansed by God. Later, Katherine confronted Bartholomew and challenged him, only to be shot in the back by one of the guards. Bartholomew decided to punish her by killing everyone in the village and burning it to the ground. Katherine revived and to find the village burned and everyone dead, including Katherine's friend Berta Symes. Katherine swore vengeance against Bartholomew and went on to hunt him for the next seven centuries. At some point in 1471 while traveling to West Africa, he met his first student, Kobina, whom he taught about Immortality.

Bartholomew was still making money off the misfortunes of people through wars and death. In 1998, he was CEO of a charity organization called "Mission for Children" in Paris, France. It was a front organization to embezzle money. Katherine tracked him down in Paris and in the parking structure, Bartholomew met Katherine where she challenged him, but he had two of his henchmen waiting with guns. Katherine was saved by her husband, Nick Sutherland.

Bartholomew was being investigated by the police for stealing money from his organization. Later on, at his home, Bartholomew went to a safe where he had 30 million dollars in diamonds. He sensed the presence of another Immortal, Katherine. They both faced off with their swords. Katherine defeated Bartholomew, took his head, and received his Quickening.

When Nick Sutherland was shot by Bartholomew's assistant and got back up (he was wearing a bullet-resistant vest under his jacket), Bartholomew's assistant stated 'Your Immortal'. This may imply that at least some of Bartholomew's assistants were aware of his Immortality and past.


Bartholomew uses a 13th Century one-handed broadsword, often pairing it with a dagger, an axe or, interestingly enough, a shield, making him the only Immortal in the series to use one.