Basil Dornin
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episodes Methos and Take Back the Night
Name Basil Dornin
Died 1995, killed in a motorcycle race
Nationality French
Status Deceased
Occupation Motorcycle racer
Portrayed by  Jean-François Pages

Basil Dornin was a motorcycle racer in France on the team of Marc Saracen. Basil was willing to win at all costs, even trying to run his teammates off the track. Basil learned everything he knew about racing from his teammate, Philippe, an older and more experienced racer. Eventually, Basil tried to cause Philippe to go off the track. By 1995, Saracen told Philippe that he should retire, but Phillippe refused. When the man approached  Basil to try to have Basil talk to Saracen,  Basil turned on his bike's engine and revved it, ignoring his former mentor.

A new racer and immortal, Richie Ryan, would become a member of Saracen's team and bumped Philippe off the team. Basil met Richie and was ingratiating to him at first. One night, at a party, Philippe drunk confronted Dornin, said, "You forced me off the track and then trashed me to Saracen," then got on a bike and raced on the track. Dornin said, "He can't cut it anymore....I guess the man thinks he's got something to prove."   Phillipe ends up getting killed. Basil showed no remorse for Philippe's death.

Richie became Saracen's best racer on the team, and on one of the races Basil set up Richie, provoking him and succeeded to the point where Saracen reprimanded him.  Richie, furious at Basil wanted to get even, he tried to out race and out aggressive Basil on the track but both men wreck, dying on the track in front of everyone, but only Basil stayed dead.


Jean-François Pages also played Luc Bergon in the Season two episode of Highlander: The Series entitled Unholy Alliance: Part Two.

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