Basil Morgan
Basil Morgan
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episodes "Reborn"
Name Basil Morgan
Status Alive
Occupation Fencing stolen goods
Portrayed by  Julian Richings
Basil Morgan earns his living as a receiver of stolen goods, etc. for stolen jewelry. Through this activity, he also met Amanda, whom he described as "old friend". In 1998, after Amanda's actual fence had been murdered, she continued her latest prey, the Marshall collection from about Basil. This was for him means that he was robbed by the corrupt police officers shot Ferris and Stanley.

Once burned down his own business, Basil, to collect the insurance. Amanda recalled Basil, when he was reluctant to give you information about an auction of a house in front of her stolen amulet that was sunk in 1720 together with the Mary Rose. Amanda "persuaded" to find out Basil, the identity of the thief for them.

Just before Basil wanted to go off on holiday, Amanda came to him and offered him a picture that she had stolen from the home of industrialist and white. Basil was inspired by the etching and bought it from Amanda. He later sold to a customer with "the face of a weasel and a desperate wallet", which turned out to be Bert Myers.

Amanda and Basil Morgan, 1998

Shortly after, Lucy Becker came to Basil. He sold Lucy, who was out for revenge on the murderer of her husband from a pistol. Afterwards, Amanda Basil informed about this business.

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