Benjamin Carbassa
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Vendetta
Name Benjamin Carbassa
Aliases Benny Carbassa, Benny the Bookie
Born 1895, in Chicago, Illinois
First Death 1922, cheated mobster Big Sal Fontana in a craps game
Pupils Maurice DeYoung
Origin American
Watchers Louie Penozzo (1938)

Danny Wago (1990s)

Status Alive
Occupation Hustler
Portrayed by  Tony Rosato
In 1922, Benny Carbassa was first killed when he was caught cheating at cards by Big Sal Fontana. It was not going to be the last time. He was involved in bootlegging, bookmaking, and extortion. He claims to have known Capone, Lansky, and Legs Diamond personally.

In 1938, Carbassa was trying to mooch drinks in the Coconut Lounge, Seacouver, when the newly arrived  Duncan MacLeod offered to buy him a drink. The owner of Coconut Lounge, Sid Lankovsky, however, used the newcomer in a plot to kill his brother, Joey, and gunned down both his  brother and MacLeod, claiming they had killed each other in an argument over the, singer, Peggy

Benny's assigned Watcher in 1938 was Louie Panozzo, the doorman of the Coconut Lounge.

In 1995, Carbassa again met Sid Lankovsky, who had taken the name of Simon Lange, a respected citizen. In order to avoid a long time at the bottom of the Sound in cement shoes,  Carbassa struck a deal with Sid: He would bring to him "the grandson of Duncan MacLeod,"  who talked about what happened that night in 1938 all of the time. 

He lured MacLeod in the harbor, and clubbed him unconscious. Sid's men handcuffed MacLeod and threw him in the water. Benny arrived to fish him out the next morning. Benny's plan might have worked, if Duncan had not run into Lange that night at a charity event.   

After MacLeod had taken care of things, Benny was ready to begin a new life. Duncan bought him a ticket to Chicago - a bus ticket.


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