Bernard Crimmins
Bernard Crimmins
Appeared in Highlander: The Series episode The Stone Of Scone
Name Bernard Crimmins
Aliases Bernie Crimmins, Bernie the Fence, Tricky Dick Dawkins
First Death 1582, knifed by fellow inmate in Newgate Prison
Teachers Peter Hackett
Origin English
Watchers Fanny Morton (1720)
Leonard Smithers (1950s)
Jason Kinny (1990s)
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Michael Culkin

Bernard Crimmins met his first death as a prisoner in Newgate Prison in London, when a fellow prisoner stabbed him. In 1720, he was working as an executioner in the Tower of London. On the side, he also worked as a receiver of stolen goods. He was a relatively depraved immortal, who had no manners and no scruples. Hugh Fitzcairn approached him for plans to the Tower, in pursuit of his own plots. Before Crimmins gave it to him, however, he doubled the price.

By 1950, Crimmins had changed dramatically: He had become a man of the world, was wearing expensive suits, was a member of exclusive  clubs, and had been knighted - This he achieved by preserving the royal family from an embarrassment when some incriminating photos that were "accidentally" in his possession, disappeared in exchange for the title.

Crimmins was active in the underworld, Amanda had channeled stolen art works through him. In December of 1950, Amanda approached Crimmins and offered him a deal: She needed money to pay gambling debts. For an advance of £50,000 they promised Crimmins 60% of the profit from the theft of an incredibly valuable gemstone. Crimmins agreed, and gave her the money, but promised her a beheading if the business didn't pan out. On Christmas Day, Crimmins learned of the theft of the Stone of Scone, and shortly after the arrest of Amanda.  Amanda made a statement and then spent three months in prison.

In 1950, Crimmins was observed by Leonard Smithers, the butler in Crimmins' Club.

Crimmins who had not left London for almost 400 years, moved in 1996 to the Lake District and bought a country house. To the astonishment of his Watcher, Jason Kinney, he acted only as a reputable art dealer, not another stolen image passed through his hands, no shady characters were to be seen around him. Whether he had really reformed, or was plotting something was not known. Titian's painting, "Rest on the Flight into Egypt"  stolen in 1995, was discovered to be held by Crimmins in 1996 and used in decorating to his new country house. In 2002, the painting was, however, returned for the reward offered. Perhaps Crimmins was mellowing.

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