Bernard Sidos
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode "Mortal Sins"
Name Bernard Sidos
Aliases Father Bernard
Born April 5, 1933 in Montrouge, France
Died May 14, 1995
Nationality French
Status Deceased, killed by Ernst Daimler
Occupation Priest
Portrayed by  Georges Janin and Roger Bret

A Roman Catholic Priest in Paris, Father Bernard, as a young boy, had also served in the French Resistance during the Second World War with, among others, Duncan MacLeod.

He was stunned to see again a man he knew he had helped kill, a man who had been part of the German occupation of Paris in 1943. As a result of the sighting, he sought out Duncan MacLeod who had told their old compatriot, Georges Dalou, that it had been his father who had fought with the Resistance. Bernard now suspected that it was MacLeod himself, and he needed his unique brand of help.

Bernard, 1943

As a boy, Bernard prevented Daimler from discovering the contraband radio at the monastery that served as the Resistance cell's base, when Daimler threatened to murder ten men of the parish, he drove a pitchfork into Daimler, killing him, and then helped wrap the body in chains and throw it in the river, just as the immortal revived, terrifying the boy. He took part in an ambush of a German staff car during which MacLeod was killed. He witnessed MacLeod's recovery from apparent death and was sworn to secrecy, "You have to promise not to tell...this is to be between you and me...forever. Just you and me!" He promised and kept his word.

Bernard informed MacLeod of Ernst Daimler's reappearance, and asked him to deal with Daimler. He then went to see his cousin Georges, and told him of Daimler's reappearance. Georges told him Daimler was dead, Bernard replied that Daimler was immortal and could not be killed.  He told him to ask MacLeod about it, finally breaking his long ago word by implication. Georges then confronted MacLeod, asked for the truth, and MacLeod gave it to him.

Bernard spent a great deal of time wrapped in his memories, terrified that Daimler would come for him. He later informed MacLeod that Georges had been killed. MacLeod told Bernard he was safe on holy ground, and to stay at the church. Left with Anne at the church, Bernard explained his motivations for having killed Daimler in the first place, to prevent the murders of ten or twenty of his countrymen. He wondered how MacLeod tolerated all the deaths, all the wars that cluttered his past.

Daimler did finally come looking for Bernard, terrifying the man into fleeing his church. When Anne tried to stop Daimler's pursuit, he beat her down and shot Bernard four times before turning back to Anne. She told MacLeod to kill him, which he then did.

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