Bert Myers
Bert Myers
First appearance Highlander: The Raven, in the episode Bloodlines
Last appearance Highlander: The Raven, in the episode Love And Death
Name Bert Myers
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Security consultant
Portrayed by  Hannes Jaenicke

A mortal, Myers ran a successful private security company which offered bodyguard duties and other similar services. After Nick resigned from the police force, Myers became Nick's boss as well as his friend.

Nick first met Myers in 1994, when he stopped Frank Brennan from killing Bert.  Brennan and Myers were at odds because Frank tried to steal the $3 million they had to purchase Russian nukes, but Myers was not on board, as Brennan said, "he went all Boy Scout on me."  When Nick tackled Brennan, saving Myers, the two struggled for Frank's gun, which went off, killing Brennan - who was a latent immortal - for the first time.  Myers' partner then knocked Nick out, but Bert would not let him kill the man who saved his life.  When Nick came to, Myers showed him NSA credentials and told him the dead man had been a rogue agent.  He hoped that Nick would be "discreet" especially since there was no evidence, and so, no crime. 

Three months later, the two met again, and Myers was instrumental in solving one of Nick's cases.


Working with Amanda

In Cloak and Dagger, it was discovered that in the closing years of the Soviet Bloc, Myers had infiltrated the East German Secret Police, the Stazi, as a double agent. A ruthlessly Machiavellian superior, Ludwig Weiss, trained Myers and viewed him as his protégé, and at one point gifted him with a gold cigarette case. He always taught his people to plan for "contingency upon contingency." 

When Weiss reappeared in Myers' life, and tried to blackmail Bert into committing murder, Myers tried to circumvent the trap set for him, but wound up with Weiss' shotgun pointed at his head, and so killed Weiss in self defense, but Ludwig's last words were a worrying, "It'll never be over."

The situation got between Bert and his girlfriend, Catherine, whom he told he loved, and that she was the best thing that ever happened to him.  Unfortunately, Catherine was a sleeper agent put in place by Weiss, part of his policy of contingency upon contingency mode of operation. She was to kill the target should Bert or the backup fail, keep tabs on Bert, and eliminate him as a loose end at the end of his usefulness.  Her role was discovered, and Bert very nearly killed her, but was talked down by Nick.

Nick encouraged Myers to "Change your name, start again." Myers asked, "How often can you do that? You think I was born Bert Myers?"

Eventually, Amanda managed to obtain the file Weiss had on Myers and turned it over to him. 

Nick once told Amanda, "I like Myers.  I trust him with my life.  I just don't trust him with yours," vetoing her idea to tell Myers about immortality.


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