Betsy Fields
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Glory Days
Name Betsy Fields
Aliases Bet, Betsy Mitchell
Born January 2, 1949 in Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Sales Manger, Midwest Lightning
Portrayed by  Marcia Strassman

Known to Joe Dawson as Bet when they were in high school, she was the Prom Queen to his All City, All State Football hero when they were 18. He would play all day and they would dance all night. After high school, Joe went to Viet Nam were he lost his legs. He never told Betsy what had happened. Thirty years later she searched him out and traveled to Seacouver just to be able to 'run into him' at his tavern. She was delighted to see him again and tried to make a date, which he in turn tried to avoid. Until pushed by MacLeod, he was planning on avoiding her so as not to tell her about his legs. When he finally gave in and met her for dinner, he explained he was a double amputee, and she finally realized why he had never got back in touch with her. "I just thought you met somebody else. I gave up waiting." He offered her an out on their date, and she replied, "After all these years, do you think I'd give up on you now?" They spent dinner filling each other in on what the other had missed, including her time at Woodstock. She admitted she actually liked the Monkees, and that it was not an accident that she walked into Joe's. She had found a write up on his place in an in-flight magazine and took a gamble.

They danced and reminisced, and she invited him up to her hotel room, saying she had not had as much fun since the last time they were together. Joe said he should leave, and she asked if it was past his bed time. He said things were moving too fast, she asked "Do you want this?" The two spent the night together.

The following day, Betsy came back to the tavern to let Joe know she had to go home. Disappointed, Joe let his hurt show. At MacLeod's urging, however, Joe went to see Betsy before she left. She was glad he'd come, and explained that the loss of his legs was not why she was leaving. She confessed that she was now Betsy Mitchell, a married woman, but for the last 30 years she'd been thinking about him, and when she found out where he was she had to come and see him, he had been her lost love. Their night together was her closure. Joe accepted her explanation, and offered her a ride to the airport.       


Betsy married real estate salesman Buddy Mitchell in 1970.  They had three children.  At the time she found Joe again, she was expecting her first grandchild.


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