Betty Bannon
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Epitaph for Tommy
Name Betty Bannon
Nationality Scottish
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Jan D'Arcy

Betty Bannon, was the mother of Tommy Bannon.

She was a Scottish immigrant to Seacouver, who raised her son alone after losing her husband in the Vietnam War only three years after he had become a naturalized citizen. 

She thought then that she might go back to the Highlands, but could never afford to do so.  When her son was killed, she was grateful for Duncan MacLeod's attempt to save him, and his attendance at the funeral.  She asked him if he thought Tommy's death had really been an accident.  She also asked his advice concerning nearly a quarter of a million dollars she'd found in Tommy's safe deposit box.  Once MacLeod had assured her Tommy had come by the money honestly, she used it to go home to Scotland, to see the highlands for them both, "Duncan, when I'm over there you'll come visit me?"