• Thaela

    Main Page

    January 25, 2015 by Thaela


    I recently joined again the Highlander world community. This Wiki is truly big source of knowledge, but its not easy to find everything desired. Accidentally, i found a page with chronologic info . I think it would be good to stick it on main page, same as the basic Rules: These are very important information for any Highlander fan. Also, does someone created a Immortal list according to their age / nationality? As far I see only a Russian category.

    Best regards   

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  • Seribu

    Daftar kapal-kapal di Marina Ancol Jakarta yang disewakan ke pulau Seribu.  Harga sewa kapal adalah harga pemakaian kapal satu hari sesuai dengan pulau yang dituju. Kondisi kapal yang disewakan bagus dan sehat. Lokasi keberangkatan dari dermaga Marina Ancol Jakarta.

    Fasilitas Kapal di Marina Ancol Jakarta
    Nama Kapal Fasilitas
    Miss Lee Kapasitas kapal =35 orang,Engine =3x 300 HP, LCD, DVD, Karaoke , Living room, refrigerator, Kitchen, Toilet.
    Zevolution Kapasitas kapal =37 Orang), Engine =3×250 HP. LCD, DVD, Air-conditioning, refrigerator, Toilet
    Vincent Kapasitas kapal =20 orang. Engine =2×250 HP, LCD, DVD, Karaoke, Living room, Air-conditioning, refrigerator, toilet
    Predator Kapasitas kapal =26 orang. Engine =2×300 HP. LCD, DVD, Karaoke, Living …

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  • Racecar789

    When Connor is interrogated at the police station...For a moment he is looking at the police officer and it seems the officer might be an immortal (or pre-immortal).  Did anyone else notice this?  The background sound wasn't a whoosh, but it was distinct. 

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  • Sengoko

    What happened

    January 16, 2014 by Sengoko

    What happened this wiki ?

    I seem to remember it was full of articles on most Immortals to appear in any form and all supporting characters.

    Was it deliberately attacked or just fell apart from apathy ?

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  • Nick336


    October 13, 2012 by Nick336
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  • Nick336

    what no wall?

    October 12, 2012 by Nick336

    where shall i mount my heads, pray tell?

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  • Zen shadow


    November 25, 2011 by Zen shadow

    will thay bring highlander back

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