Appeared in The Pain Eater
Name Bran
Born Neolithic
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased - Beheaded by Karniel, c. 1330 B.C.E.
Occupation Warrior

Bran was an Immortal who appeared in the Highlander Audio Series episode The Pain Eater.

Biography Edit

Perhaps known primarily as the First Teacher of future Horseman, Caspian, Bran was a Neolithic warrior who achieved the unprecedented feat of building a joint mortal/Immortal armyto fight in the Battle of Kamtal, in which he faced an Immortal army lead by the ancient and powerful Immortal Karniel.

During the battle, Bran personally confronted Karniel, but lost his head and his Quickening to his foe. His pupil, Caspian, avenged his mentor's death, Caspian beheaded Karniel during the battle, but as a result, absorbed a Dark Quickening, and he lashed out, killing all in his path, until he left the battle.

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