Brian Murphy
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode "Deadly Exposure"
Name Brian Murphy
Born London
Died 1998 in Paris, France
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Occupation Model
Portrayed by  Bob Cryer

A mortal, he was trying to make it as a model in Paris. He was working on his portfolio when his photographer accidentally included a wanted terrorist, Jack Kendal, in the background of one of his shots. When Celine, the photographer was killed by Kendal's men in pursuit of the film, immortal bounty hunter, Reagan Cole took Murphy in hand, and gave him a ride home. At his apartment, Kendal's men were searching for the film, and threatened them. Cole killed one and the other escaped, causing Murphy to wonder who she actually was. The pair retreated to Duncan MacLeod's barge in order to lay low, as he explained it: "Well, Reagan can't go back to her hotel because she just conked a couple of cops and she already shot one guy at my flat, and the other guys is still alive and he might come back."

By the time Reagan realized that Kendal was in Paris targeting a conference on terrorism, Murphy's attempt to ask her out was thwarted, and she suggested he hide out in the Louvre. He said he just wanted to help, and she said she appreciated it but left on her own. Murphy, meanwhile, received a message and returned to his flat, where Cole found him and frantically tried to get him to leave, but had to witness to his death when Kendal's men killed him.


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