Bryce Korland
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode "Something Wicked"
Name Bryce Korland
Born 1838, in Ithaca, New York
First Death 1871, in an ice fishing accident
Teachers Patrick Lynch
Origin American
Watchers Oscar Orosco
Status Deceased, 1958, beheaded by Coltec
Occupation Beat Poet
Portrayed by  Benjamin Ratner
Bryce Korland was born in Ithaca, New York in 1838. He first died in 1871 in an ice fishing accident, triggering his Immortality. He was taught the ways of the Immortals by Patrick Lynch. Bryce was a cold blooded killer who had a penchant for fire. He affected being a Beatnik poet and loved to play the saxophone.

In 1958, Bryce was in Greenwich Village, New York, performing on stage in a Beatnik bar, playing the saxophone and reciting his poetry. Bryce was doing a poem on "Death", and the audience was appreciative. Bryce sensed the presence of another Immortal, Duncan MacLeod, who was there to challenge Bryce.

When challenged by Duncan, Bryce agreed to go outside to fight him. When Korland left through the back door, Duncan followed, but as he was leaving he saw a Quickening. When he went outside he saw a Korland's body and another Immortal next to him. Duncan's friend, Coltec, had anticipated him, and had beheaded Korland. According to Coltec, who was an "Hayoka" (one who absorbed the evil into himself), Korland was so demented that MacLeod would have a hard time recovering from his Quickening. Coltec would then retire himself from the Game, until 1996, when he beheaded Horvan Kant and received a Dark Quickening.

Weapon Edit

His weapon of choice was an El Cid Tizona Sword. 


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