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Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 5 episode "The Modern Prometheus"
Name George Gordon Noel Byron
Aliases Lord Byron, George Rochdale, James Morrison
Born 1788, England
First Death 1815, suicide
Teachers Methos
Origin English
Watchers Germaine Scott
Status Deceased, beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1997 A.D.
Occupation Rock Singer, Lord Byron & the Undead
Portrayed by  Jonathan Firth



George Gordon Byron (also known as Lord Byron). In the Highlander universe, Lord Byron is an Immortal poet turned Rockstar. When he revived in 1816 after committing suicide,

Byron in 1816

Byron was found by Methos who became his mentor and good friend and partied with him at that time.

That same year, he and Methos made aquatences of Claire Claremont in Switzerland, while travelling on a shaded road, they encounter two women who want a poem from Byron which he does. After that, as their carriage draws near a fork in the road, another carriage, driven by Hans Kershner, approaches. Methos pulls the horses to a halt as he and Byron sense the other immortal. Byron takes one look, and slaps Methos on the shoulder, urging him to move over so he can have the reins. He tells Methos that he slept with Hans's wife. Kershner chases them down the road, the three in Byron's carriage laughing and shouting, Methos getting in the back and putting his arm around Claire. Finally, though, Kershner's wheel hits a rock and the carriage turns over, tumbling him to the ground. They drive away, laughing, leaving Kershner seething in the dirt.They arrive at the gates of Byron's house, Byron still driving, the three of them still laughing and winded. Later in the night Byron, Methos, Mary Shelly, Claire and Percy Shelly are having a party with Byron reading his poems. The next night, Hans comes to Byron's house looking for a challenge. As Byron and Hans fight, a storm is brewing, lightning flashing overhead as the three of them walk out towards the gates. Byron is fighting with a heavier sword than his cane-sword, but he's holding the cane in his hand as he fights, using it to block. Mary runs up during the fight and watches, until Kershner finally runs Byron through, grabbing his cane to hold him. But Byron yanks the sword from the cane and stabs Kershner, then beheads him with the other blade. Mary runs forward, shocked, as Methos catches Byron and lowers him to the ground. Then he grabs her and pulls her back away from the body as the Quickening begins. While Mary watches terrified, the lightning crawls over Byron's body, making his limbs twitch and lift. The body elevates as fireworks and other pyrotechnics go off behind Mary and Methos watches her face as she looks around, taking it all in. The Quickening fades, and Byron's body floats back down while Mary and Methos watch. After that, Mary was inspired to write the novel Frankenstien.

In the 1970s, Byron is said to have used the alias of Jim Morrison and became a famous rock singer.

Byron in the present day as a drug addict musician

By 1997, Byron is a famous rockstar but has become a drug addict. He later meets Methos and Duncan at Joe's Bar and meets Mike a protege of Joe's. Joe is amazed that Byron is the actual Lord Byron as is Duncan. But after a while Duncan thinks that Byron is bad news. Eventually, Byron introduces Mike to drugs. Duncan and Methos go to see Byron and notice that he is on drugs. At Byron's place, Duncan walks in, looking around, then spots Mike on the floor beside the couch. He checks his pulse, then turns his arm up to see the tourniquet around it, and the needle tracks on his elbow.

Methos meets Byron in his dressing room and warns him that Macleod is coming for him and to leave for another country, but Byron refuses. A concerned Methos has no choice but to leave him be. Duncan is about to go and face Byron at the concert but Methos stops him and tries to plead with Macleod not to kill his friend and pupil. After the concert, Byron and the rest of band are coming out, and Byron stops as he senses Duncan. He turns and sees him waiting in a side corridor. A security guard asks if Byron wants him to take care of it, but Byron waves him off. While the crowd continues to chant upstairs, they go to a storage room, and without further conversation, begin to fight. Byron is using his trick cane again, but Duncan quickly takes it away. He whirls and takes Byron's head. As the episode ends, we hear Byrons final epitaph. "My task is done, my song has ceased, my theme has died into an echo. It is fit".

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