Recruited on the strength of her PhD in linguistics from the University of Vienna, she graduated from the Watcher Academy in 1975 with a class rank of 10 from a class of 72. She went immediately into Research. In 1982 she was promoted to Head of Research for Eastern Europe. In 1989 she took the position of Regional Secretary, Western Europe under the cover of Vice President of International Asset Corp.

Her skills include simultaneous translation, administration and organization, research, investigation and information systems, and the languages of Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Arabic, and basic knowledge of four Slavic dialects.

In 1996, she was offered the position of Coordinator, Western Europe Region, but she turned it down. It was the first time anyone had refused a promotion to the coveted position, but Camilla reasoned that as she had attended the funerals for all four men who had held the position in the previous three years, including Nathan Stern and Jacques Vemas,  she was happy to retain her current position.

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