Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "Mountain Men"
Name Carl
Aliases Carl the Hermit
Born 1755, in Ft. William, New York
First Death 1800, taken by a flood
Teachers Osaga, Iroquois warrior
Origin American
Watchers Melissa Chavez, Regional Secretary (collated all rumor and report about him)
Status Deceased, beheaded by Caleb Cole
Occupation Woodsman
Portrayed by  John Dennis Johnston

An Immortal who suffered his first death when he was swept up by a flood in 1800 when he was about 45 years old. Carl had been a woodsman, hunter, and tracker. After his immortality was triggered, he was discovered by the legendary Iroquois immortal, Osaga, who then taught him what he was, and expanded upon his wood lore. As the frontier pushed westward, Carl moved west as well, never comfortable among others, he remained a virtual hermit. Around 1860 he settled in the great forests of the current state of Washington. There he led a solitary life, and developed over time a considerable paranoia.

In 1868, Carl ran across fellow immortal Duncan MacLeod. He taught him the art of tracking and learned a lot from MacLeod as well, including various fighting techniques.

Little was heard of him in the ensuing century, but in 1992, Watchers learned that Caleb Cole had beheaded him and taken the Quickening.

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