Carolyn Lamb
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode "The Beast Below"
Name Carolyn Lamb
Died 1993 in Paris, France
Status Deceased, hit by a oncoming car
Occupation Singer
Portrayed by  Dee Dee Bridgewater

Carolyn was a mortal woman and former star. She and her entourage were in Paris for a benefit concert that was to be her big comeback.  She had developed a prima dona persona, however, and her manager Frank Wells called her out on it, "When I rediscovered you, your career was history, but there was decency in you, but now, you're just another ego laden bitch with an attitude. Whatever was special about you, you murdered it."

Simple minded Immortal, Ursa, who had been drawn to her for the beauty of her voice, killed the manager as a perceived threat to her. Carolyn took advantage of Ursa, and tried to use him as a weapon, pointing him at her back up singer, Jenny Harris, who was both talented and more popular than her with the band. She asked Ursa to take the girl down into the catacombs where no one would find her.  This he did. 

She then tried to get him to kill MacLeod, who suspected her role in Jenny's disappearance. When MacLeod pushed Carolyn away from him when he was trying to reach Ursa, Ursa attacked, and the men fought.  With Carolyn watching, Ursa fell from the roof of the opera.

When confronted by MacLeod, she scorned him for being friends with a "lobotomy case" like Ursa, the recovered Ursa, however, heard her and cried out.  Horrified by his return, and fearful that he'd heard her, Carolyn ran into the street where she was struck and killed by a passing taxi.


Ursa cradles Carolyn's body


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