Carolyn Marsh
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Dramatic License
Name Carolyn Marsh
Born August 30, 1961 in Newark, New Jersey
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Novelist
Portrayed by  Sandra Bernhard

Born Carol Ann Marshak in Newark, New Jersey, she adopted the pen name Carolyn Marsh and was an author of romance novels.  She was married to the immortal, Terence Coventry.

Her latest book featured the exploits of a hero named Duncan MacLeod and a villain named Terence Coventry. Carolyn put the moves on Duncan and tried to convince him to help promote the book, but Terence was furious at Carolyn for portraying him as a villain.

Carolyn admitted to MacLeod that she and Coventry "were once an item...and now we're not." MacLeod then understood she had made Coventry the villain in her book just to get back at him. Coventry then turned up at Carolyn’s book signing she told him to "...take a hike before Duncan MacLeod gets here" at which point, he simply threw her over his shoulder and left the store to the applause of her fans.

As Coventry and Carolyn spoke, she told him she could put what she liked in her books. He told her she should never have written any of it, and asked why she was doing it. She suggested that they just "call it quits," since he seem to be interested only in the book. He told it was not all he was interested in, and asked that she come to the house for dinner, that he would make it, and it would just be the two of them. She could talk and he would listen. She said that would be different, and gave him a definite "maybe" on the date.

MacLeod became concerned that Coventry meant to kill Carolyn and went to his house, where the two men then engaged in a duel, Coventry armed with a wooden spoon, MacLeod with a burnt turkey leg. Eventually both exchanged their non-traditional weapons for blades and they fenced, until interrupted by Carolyn and Amanda. Carolyn was enthralled, "Fighting over me, how romantic!" Coventry agreed, and advanced on MacLeod again, "You won't have her! What kind of hero are you coming between a man and his wife?"


Carolyn Confronts Terence

MacLeod, startled, assured Coventry he had not known they were married. MacLeod said there was nothing between them, but Coventry demanded to know why she had then left him. Amanda explained the stories he'd told made him too good to be true, that Carolyn felt she couldn't compete with his past. Coventry assured his wife: "Those stories I told, I told them to you because I trust you. Because I wanted you to know me. Those people, those places, they were my life. But you Carolyn you are my life."