Carolyn Mortimer
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "Till Death"
Born 1665, in Paris, France
First Death 1691, accidentlly poisoned by bad cherries
Teachers Sean Burns
Origin French
Watchers Candace Molyneaux
Status Deceased, 1804, executed with husband, beheaded by Napoleon (Quickening lost)
Occupation Aristocrat

Carolyn Mortimer is an Immortal from France. She is good friends with her teacher, Sean Burns, Robert de Valicourt, Angelina de Valicourt, Duncan MacLeod, and Hugh Fitzcairn. Carolyn was at the Chateau de Valicourt near Paris when Robert and Angelina renewed their wedding vows in 1796.

Carolyn and Angelina were in Paris during the French Revolution and managed to rescue some people from being executed. 

In 1804 Carolyn and her beloved husband, Jean-Paul were arrested by the Emperor.  Her Watcher recorded Carloyn's last moments on the scaffold before her execution, the magistrate allowed the couple a final kiss, before both fell to the guillotine.  She had forbidden her Immortal friends attendence, lest the release of her Quickening put them in danger, and so her Quickening was lost.

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