Charles Bagnot
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Avenging Angel
Name Charles Bagnot
Died 1993
Nationality French
Status Deceased, killed by Alfred Cahill
Portrayed by  Yan Brian

Charles Bagnot was a mortal, and a regular client of Elaine Trent, a high end prostitute in Paris, France.

One night he when was visiting Elaine she tried to hurry his departure because she was expecting a visit from her friend Tessa Noël. When Charles left the apartment, he encountered the newly immortal Alfred Cahill who was insane and was on a mission to punish those he percieved as sinners.

Cahill strangled Charles to death on the stairs of Elaine's apartment building. Tessa and Duncan MacLeod arrived to find him dead.

Charles Bagnot being strangled by Alfred Cahill

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