Charles Browning
Appeared in Counterfeit: Part One"
Name Charles Browning
Aliases Charles York, Charles of Locksley
Born 1335 York, England
First Death 1381 killed during the Peasants' Revolt
Teachers Robert Locksley
Pupils Unknown
Origin English
Watchers Chauncey Miller
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1730
Occupation Wanderer
Portrayed by  Godfrey James
Charles Browning was born in the year 1335 in York England, he was a foundling child raised by a loving family and became a farmer in his life he was married at least three times. He also took in orphaned children from the local parish orphanages. It was once said the he was the father of one hundred children.

Not only was he a farmer but also a warrior who knew how to fight. He was involved in many wars in his native England, France and the Dutch countries. When a civil war broke out in England, he was involved, however, tragedy would befall him when after the Battle of Marston Moor, he returned to his home to find his wife murdered by a troop of Royalists and two of his adoptive sons also dead, killed defending her. Outraged, he took his revenge against Royalists with brutality. By this point he became a cynical, bitter person who stopped caring for anything or anyone. By the age of 46, he was killed during a peasant uprising where he, along with the others, were protesting against unfair taxes.  He later woke up after his death, Immortal. He was soon found by fellow Immortal Robert Locksley who taught him about his Immortality.

When he met Duncan in the 18th century, Browning was a proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. He rescued MacLeod from a local sheriff whilst poaching game from the King's preserves, then spent the night thereafter drinking with the Highlander. All of it was only a ruse to lower Duncan's mental guard, however, as Browning, a born opportunist, planned to take the Highlander's head while his opponent was still the worse for drink. MacLeod's training and swift reflexes saved him from Browning's sneak attack the following morning, and MacLeod's swordsmanship proved the better, and Browning lost is head.