Charlotte Johnson
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Indiscretions
Name Charlotte Johnson
Aliases Charlotte Walker
Born c. 1788
Died April 22, 1808
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by Morgan Walker
Occupation Slave
Portrayed by  Paulette P. Williams (credited as Paulette Williams)

Charlotte was a mortal woman, born on the LaFollette Plantation outside of New Orleans about 1787.  At the age of about 12, she and her brother were sold to the Immortal, Captain Morgan Walker, who had them trained as house slaves.

By 1808, she served as housekeeper and concubine to her master, Morgan Walker. While Walker was at sea, her brother fell ill with a fever, and she sent for the only doctor in town who treated slaves; Dr. Benjamin Adams, an alias of the ancient immortal, Methos. She asked him: "Benjamin, Why do you look after slaves? Not many doctors do." To which Methos replied, "Perhaps I was one in a previous life."

After she was assured that her brother was recovering, she made a determined effort to flirt with, and seduce the doctor: "I used to watch you sometimes, in the marketplace. I saw how those women used to look at you." The good doctor was more than happy to follow her lead, calling her efforts "Lovely."

After sleeping together, Methos asked; "Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?" She matter of factly said, "No." And he derided the rest of the world as fools. When he then told her he should go, she encouraged him to stay for something to eat, perhaps dinner...and breakfast. She assured him Walker would be away for three more days. But as he agreed to stay, he sensed the arrival of another immortal.


Charlotte and Benjamin Adams

He quickly dressed and warned her she should dress as well, as Walker would be arriving shortly, and then retreated. Charlotte, however, neither dressed nor tidied up, despite his warning. Walker walked in on her in her night shift, with the bed rumpled, and demanded to know who she had been with. She repeatedly denied anyone had been there as the angry Walker pursued her up the stairs, he handled her roughly saying, "I chose you. You are my woman." To which she responded; "I am your slave!"

He slapped her, and in a fury pushed her through a closed window, and she fell to her death on the street below in front of the appalled Dr. Adams, who then stayed with her as she died.  When Walker later accused him of killing Charlotte, Methos contemptuously pointed out; "I slept with her, you killed her!"


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