Christine Salzer
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episodes "Finale: Part One" and Finale: Part Two
Name Christine Salzer
Born May 20, 1941 in London, England
Died May 29, 1995
Nationality English
Status Deceased, killed by Nino
Portrayed by  Sian Webber
Christine was the widow of Watcher historian, Don Salzer. After her husband was murdered by the Immortal, Kalas, she became bitter and angry. She resented the Watchers and more, she resented the Immortals to whom Don had dedicated most of his life. 

She told Adam Pierson and Joe Dawson that she would expose not only the secret society of the Watchers, but the Immortals themselves. When she presented the Watcher interactive database disk to a newspaper editor, Jeremy Clancy, Kalas had his henchman, Nino, murder them both. He then stole the disk.


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