Claire Bailey

Claire Bailey was recruited by the Watchers out of Boulder State College by Mimi Parton.  She ranked 21 out of her Watcher Academy class of 101 in 1990.  She worked as an historian during 1991 but was given a field assignment in 1992 when she was the Watcher for Liza Grant from until 1993.

Thereafter, she observed Grant Makim until his death at the hands of Richie Ryan in July 1996. She reported the death of Makim, and Richie, who had been listed as missing and without a Watcher since his confrontation with Duncan MacLeod in their dojo five months earlier, was assigned to Claire.

She reported Richie's death when he was mistakenly beheaded by Duncan MacLeod in 1997.  She is currently assigned to the immortal, Lalica.

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