Claudia Hoffman
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven Reborn
Name Detective Claudia Hoffman
Nationality Canadian
Status Deceased
Occupation Police Detective
Portrayed by  Torri Higginson

Claudia Hoffman was a police detective 2nd class in the 52 Division along with her partner, Nick Wolfe. She was married to school teacher, David, and they had two children; Eric, 9 and Annie, 7.

Wolfe and Hoffman caught the case of a jewel thief who had been operating in the city, they had been following suspect, Amanda Montrose, even to the point of confronting her in her bath. Hoffman complained that a thief like Amanda "lived like queen" while she and her husband were still trying to pay off her son's braces.

Nick and Claudia

They would return with a search warrant after the death of a known fence, and found a gun - the murder weapon - in Amanda's couch. Amanda escaped arrest, leaving Wolfe and Hoffman frustrated. Hoffman, even started smoking again, after quitting two years previously, because of the stress the case induced. When she called Wolfe's apartment and he did to answer just minutes after she had dropped him off, she returned in time to catch Amanda on the way out and arrested her. Amanda insisted she was being set up by one of the five cops who had raided her apartment, even asking Hoffman if it was her.

When Wolfe took Amanda's allegations seriously, he was targeted by the dirty cop and saved by Amanda. Wolfe and Hoffman then rendezvoused and he shared his information with her. The pair then proceeded to confront their suspect, steps behind Amanda who had already retaken the loot stolen from the fence. All four found themselves in a warehouse, Hoffman and Amanda facing down the dirty cop who tried to cut Hoffman in on his scheme, calling her 'family.' When he pulled the trigger, Hoffman put herself between Amanda and a bullet, to no avail. Amanda was then shot when Hoffman fell. Wolfe, in turn shot her killer.

Months after Hoffman's death, Amanda, who felt guilty that the detective died trying to protect her, visited the grave to place flowers, saying, "Claudia, you left me a lot to live up to." It was because of Claudia's sacrifice that Amanda later broke down, mourning, "...she has to go and die trying to save my stupid life and all of a sudden I have to start thinking about what I'm doing, what I'm about, and all these things that I've done."


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